Because I don't keep up enough with this site enough as it is. Here is some stuff I have been shooting lately.

Back at it

Going to start posting here a little bit more regularly. I have been taking a lot of photos lately and haven't been sharing them (Blasphemy)! This is my attempt to remedy that.  It sounds weird but I am working on trying to nail down my "style" for lack of a better word. So hopefully from here on out you see a more consistent and enjoyable collection of images. :)

Upshot Holiday Card

The best thing is when the place you work is inspired by something you have done outside of work, and wants to incorporate it into something even bigger. I got the chance to throw glitter at my Bosses and friends and take photos of their crazy and sometimes elegant reactions. People were putting glitter in their hair knowing it wouldn't come out until possibly the end of time. It amazes me how wiling people are sometimes.

In the end It all came out to become a great series and an even more amazing holiday video to go along with it. This has been one of my favorite projects and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Check out the video Below and the images here

I had some amazing people help me on this one.  Video: David Kail  /  Stacy Dowgray 

Rocky Top Farms

This weekend I went to Upper Michigan to a tiny town called Charlevoix with some truly awesome people. It is always fun to go somewhere with like minded people who understand when you ask them to do something a bit out of the ordinary strictly for a photo. A bond I believe is shared between many creative people. It was cold and windy and even started snowing, but we made made more than the most of it. I love trips like this and I am looking forward to next time. 

(click photos to enlarge) (They look best that way)