Tyler Bartley here and you should probably know a few things about me:

Art Director: Yes
Photographer: Also, yes
Cyclist: Yes
Education: CCAD
Dreamer: Every Night
Ordinary: Not My Game
Puffins: Love Em'
Spiders: Kill Em'
Magical Powers: Got Em'
Podcasts: Heard Em'
Tae Bo: Never Done It
P90x: Tried It
Mountain: Want To Climb One

But really, all in all i'm just a guy that eats far too much pasta, a guy that's all about simplicity with a wee bit of seasoning. So if you want to know more about a puffin-lovin', spider-hatin', trying-to find-the-time-to-climb-a-mountain-sort-of-guy, Lets do it.


Clients I have worked with:
New Balance
Mrs. Meyers
Constellation Brands
Jimmy Dean