5 Gum #NoRegrets

For years 5 gum has used famous influencers to connect with young people and inspire them to try something new. But every year there’s a large group who doesn’t do anything. To activate this target, we turned to a different group of influencers with zero followers and no social clout - senior citizens – who were chosen not for what they’ve done, but for what they haven’t, and the regret they had as a result of their choice. Their stories of regret inspired teens and young adults around the world to embrace their fears and new experiences and make choices that ultimately changed their lives, turning our senior’s lifelong regrets into a powerful force for good.

5 Gum


2 Wood Pencils: Digital Marketing / Use of Talent & Influencers / 2019

London International Award:
Bronze -
The NEW- Influencer Advertising
Bronze - Digital- Confections/Snacks

Kinsale Shark Awards:
Bronze -
Branded Content - International
Bronze - Film - International

Lisbon International Advertising Festival  
7 Shortlists